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House Zoom Reminder


Hàilhamas, Nùmaskas, ‘Ugvalas, and Zìxsiwalis:

Your Family House Zoom meetings will be taking place next week!

7:00 – 9:00 PM Pacific Time

Hàilhamas – Tuesday, February 1st

Nùmaskas – Wednesday, February 2nd

‘Ugvalas – Thursday, February 3rd

Zìxsiwalis – Friday, February 4th

Check your email inbox for the draft Family House report!

We ask that you please review this draft before the meeting and come prepared with comments.

At the meeting:

  • We will request a volunteer to provide an opening prayer

  • At least one WTAC representative should be present for any questions regarding Treaty

  • You will inform us of any errors in the report or other information you wish to include

  • We will request a volunteer to provide a closing prayer

We need at least one representative from each Family House.

If you are a W’ui’kinuxv Treaty Advisory Committee (WTAC) representative, please email to confirm that you will be attending.

The Family House representatives identified during the AGA are:

Hàilhamas – Terry Reid, Krista Walkus

Nùmaskas – Andrew Johnson, Crystal Matilpi, Lena Collins

‘Ugvalas – Blaise Chartrand, Twilane States (will use Family House meeting to formalize)

Zìxsiwalis – Teresa Horbach, Donna Hanuse, Adam Hanuse

If you cannot attend the meeting, please email your comments to


The W’ui’kinuxv Treaty Team

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