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[CLOSED] JOB POSTING - Climate Action Coordinator

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

Wuikinuxv Nation – Climate Action Coordinator

The Wuikinuxv Nation Stewardship Office is looking to hire a Climate Action Coordinator to work under the direction of the Wuikinuxv Stewardship Director. The Climate Action Coordinator will join a peer network of similar positions in each of the Coastal First Nations communities to support and advocate for energy efficiency, clean energy, and climate adaptation projects.

The ideal candidate will have a strong interest in clean energy, climate change, and community empowerment, experience with managing projects, and good organizational and communication skills.

Primary Duties:

• Develop and execute a work plan for energy and climate activities including: capacity building, clean energy, managing energy use, adapting to climate change, and community engagement

• Working with peer network, mentors, regional organizations, and contractors to determine which projects are best suited to the community

• Carry out work plan including projects that may include work such as:

  • Managing contractors to perform home energy efficiency upgrades

  • Engage community members on the impacts of climate change, and begin planning for community resiliency

• Developing communication materials, and sharing information with the broader community

• Engaging with the Stewardship Committee and leadership as required

• Participate in training and capacity building opportunities aimed at items such as office skills, project management, leadership, energy efficiency, and community engagement.

• Attend peer network sessions to share and transfer knowledge with peer network from six neighbouring communities.

• Participate in monthly coaching with a trained coach to improve self and continuously build capacity to meet the job responsibilities of an Indigenous Energy Manager.


• Good sense of organization

• Ability and willingness to learn on the job, through mentorship, and organized training courses

• Ability or interest to learn how to manage small and medium sized community projects

• Verbal and written communications

• Basic computer skills including familiarity with MS Word, email programs

• Interest in clean energy, climate change, and community empowerment

• Open to learning, making mistakes, working with a peer network, and mentors

Position details:

• Full-time

• Starting pay rate will be based on the candidate’s qualification and relevant experience.

• Reports directly to Stewardship Director and works collaboratively with all members of Stewardship Team.

• Full Job Description available upon request.

Please submit your cover letter and resume to:

Andra Forney - Stewardship Director, Wuikinuxv Administration Office

Email: or At the Reception Desk in the Band Office

Deadline: Wednesday, April 7th – 4:00pm

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