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JOB POSTING - Elder Care Worker

Updated: May 30, 2021

Wuikinuxv Village (Katit), Rivers Inlet

C/O BAG 3500, Port Hardy, B.C. V0N 2P0

Admin Office Phone: (250)-949-8625

Elder Care Worker


The Elder Care Worker provides and coordinates individualized care and resources to elders, disabled and others so that they may continue to live in their homes and in the community. Elder Care may include transportation, house cleaning, personal hygiene, providing meals, and other health and wellness related activities. The Elder Care Worker is also responsible for administering the Elder Care Program.

The Coordinator will maintain confidential client files and will prepare and present reports and information as required. The Elder Care Worker will ensure that all Elder Care is provided in a caring and respectful way in keeping with all relevant policies and procedures and NWT Coordinated Home Care Standards. The Elder Care Worker will liaise with other community services and resources to ensure that other resources are involved, if required. The Coordinator will also provide information and education to individuals and groups in the community, as required and requested. Failure to provide adequate services may put elders and others at risk and/or force elders to move from their homes before they are prepared to do so.


  1. Provide individualized home care support activities such as:

  2. Provide Home Care to elders, disabled persons, and others in the community with identified needs

  3. Provide Home Care including general housekeeping, personal hygiene and meal preparation.

  4. Transport Home Care clients to appointments and activities

  5. Assist with exercises, physiotherapy and other medical plans

  6. Monitor blood pressure and other physical conditions, as required

  7. Complete and submit Wuikinuxv Home Care Service Record on a weekly basis to the HCN.

  8. Follow medical instructions carefully and consistently

  9. Organize time and resources based on the individual needs of clients

  10. Manage any unanticipated events or unstable situations

  11. Ensure that the Home Care program is delivered in an appropriate, caring and respectful manner

  12. Ensure that care is provided according to all relevant policies, procedures and regulations

  13. Monitor supplies and resources.

  14. Identify persons requiring home care and client needs.

  15. Discuss any concerns with the supervisor

  16. Coordinate Case Management

  17. Ensure that all First Nations members needing care are identified

  18. Coordinate appropriate care and equipment including other community resources, as required

  19. Establish and maintain a current, accurate, confidential client reporting system

  20. Provide information to other health care professionals, as required

  21. Consult with family members and other supports to ensure that care is on-going and that all client needs are identified and met Home Care

  22. Coordinate community resources and supports

  23. Encourage clients and families to be involved in care, if appropriate

  24. Encourage clients and families to take responsibility for care, if appropriate

  25. Liaise with all family, medical and other resources, as required

  26. Advocate on behalf of clients for additional service and resources, as required

  27. Establish and maintain current, accurate, confidential files for each client

  28. Educate clients, families and support systems about the Home Care Program: what can be provided and when to access other resources

  29. Perform other related duties as required


  • Certificate as a Personal Care Attendant

  • Experience working in the community

To apply, please contact:

Marlou Shaw - Health Director, Wuikinuxv Health Office


PH: (250)-949-8625 ext. 301

Needed ASAP

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