Wuikinuxv Village (Katit), Rivers Inlet

C/O BAG 3500, Port Hardy, B.C. V0N 2P0

Admin Office Phone: (250)-949-8625

Admin Office Fax: (250)-949-7105

Electric Metering Coordinator

The Wuikinuxv Nation is planning to implement an electrical consumption

metering program throughout the community of Wuikinuxv. Both commercial and residential buildings will see new meters installed, providing real time power consumption data via a cloud-based platform. The meters will be supplied, installed, and commissioned by Barkley Project Group (BPG). This metering program will create one part time position to be filled by a Wuikinuxv community member.

The individual selected for this position will report directly to Dan Valliquette (Barkley Project Group) and Cliff Hanuse (Wuikinuxv Capital Manager). This position will have the title of “Electrical Metering Coordinator”.


  • Short term: Supporting BPG during the installation of power meters, communicating with homeowners in support of installation, become familiar with the meter wiring, connection and communications requirements, accessing meters via laptop and or cloud-based platform, reviewing and managing metered data.

  • Long term: Continuing support for BPG, troubleshooting meters, providing feedback to both Wuikinuxv leadership and community members regarding metered data, assisting in an educational program that will support power conservation and energy management throughout the community.


  • Strong computer skills and data management

  • Comfortable around electrical wiring and troubleshooting or willing to learn

  • Good communicator and people skills

  • Reliable, focused, and self-directed


  • Part-Time (Avg. 20hrs/week)

The position is expected to start in either August or September of 2021 and is expected to continue for at least 6 months. If the program is successful and funding is available, the position could become permanent.

To apply, please submit your resume, cover letter, and reference letters or to:

Clifford W. Hanuse, Capital Manager


Fax: (250)-949-7105

or in person to the Band Office.


Friday, September 3, 2021

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