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[CLOSED] JOB POSTING - Home Care/Outdoor Elder Care

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Wuikinuxv Village (Katit), Rivers Inlet

C/O BAG 3500, Port Hardy, B.C. V0N 2P0

Admin Office Phone: (250)-949-8625

Home Care/Outdoor Elder Care


The Home Care Handy Man provides assistance with household maintenance tasks to Elders and people living with disabilities (PLWD) so that they may continue to live in their homes within the community. The Home Care Handy Man is also responsible for components of the Home Care Outdoor Safety Check and Home Care Falls and Injury Prevention programs. They will also work with the Home Care team in completing appropriate aspects of other Home Care programming. The Home Care Handyman will ensure that all duties carried out will be provided in a caring and respectful way.


  1. Provide household tasks and maintenance for Elders and PLWD supported by Wuikinuxv Home Care Program

  • Undertake outdoor household duties such as:

  • Cutting, stacking and readying of firewood for indoor use;

  • Yard Work and routine landscaping and,

  • Emergency tasks (i.e. snow shoveling) in a timely manner

  • Undertake indoor tasks and maintenance such as changing ceiling lights, and light furniture arranging/moving

2. Provide support for falls and injury prevention programming by:

  • Identifying and reporting safety hazards of designated properties

  • Identifying and reporting need for major household repairs

  • Undertake light carpentry to eliminate hazards when possible

3. Deliver handyman services with a caring, compassionate and respectful

manner expected of the Home Care Program

4. Ensure that handyman care and services are provided according to all

relevant policies, procedures and regulations

5. Liaise with other community and Band services and resources to ensure

appropriate and timely access to home maintenance is involved

6. Complete and submit inspection documentation to HCN and Housing


7. Submit Wuikinuxv Handy Care Service Record on a weekly basis to the


8. Monitor supplies and resources utilized in delivery of handyman services

of Wuikinuxv Home Care Program

  • Keep an inventory of all equipment, tools and supplies procured by Wuikinuxv Home Care Program

  • Ensure safe handling and storage of equipment, tools and supplies

  • Inform supervisor of any handyman service supply needs.

9. Assist Elders and PLWD in maintaining knowledge and activities of

traditional food procurement and preparation

10. Work effectively as a member of the Wuikinuxv Home Care team by:

  • Liaising with other team care providers to ensure client's safety and well-being

  • Communicating in a skillful and effective manner

  • Contributing effectively as a member of the Home Care team

  • Documenting daily handyman care activities in the daily service record

11. Perform other related duties as required

Education and Experience Requirements

  • Trustworthy with a strong work ethic

  • Keen desire to work with Elders and PLWD

  • Enjoy outdoor work in all climatic conditions

  • Working knowledge of light electrical, plumbing and household maintenance activities

  • Valid BC Driver's License

To apply, please contact:

Marlou Shaw - Health Director, Wuikinuxv Health Office


PH: (250)-949-8625 ext. 301

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