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Wuikinuxv Village (Katit), Rivers Inlet

C/O BAG 3500, Port Hardy, B.C. V0N 2P0

Admin Office Phone: (250)-949-8625

Admin Office Fax: (250)-949-7105

Nicknaqueet Hydro Operator

Nicknaqueet Hydro is looking for plant operators. We encourage all those interested in the position to apply. Job training and development will be

completed under the direction of Alex Jr. Chartrand, Cliff Hanuse, Capital

Manager and Dan Valliquette, Operations Manager.

The Plant Operator is responsible for monitoring, maintaining, and/or restoring plant operations. This includes ensuring safety measures are in place and safety procedures are followed, ensuring environmental protection measures and procedures are followed, and acting as the primary site contact while accompanying contractors and or visitors to the hydro plant.


Routine site inspections, river equipment monitoring and data collection, intake screen and head pond cleaning, housekeeping duties in the powerhouse, roadside and power-line brushing, oil and filter changes as required on the HPU, Turbine/Generator and Kubota.


  • Level 1 Fist Aid

  • Single Vessel Operating Proficiency(SVOP)

  • Swift-water Rescue Training

  • Firearms License (PAL)

  • Chainsaw and or Brush saw operations

  • Mechanically inclined

  • General computer skills

  • Good communicator

  • Works well with other and eager to learn new skills


  • The plant operator position is classified as a permanent position with part time hours.

  • The position shall be effective immediately upon completion of the interview and review process

  • Plant operators shall visit the site a minimum of 2 days per week, while being on call 24/7 to manage plant alarms and/or shutdowns.

  • The Nicknaqueet Hydro Plant operator is a salary positions with respect to the on call 24/7 duties. Working hours onsite are recorded and paid in combination with the salary. Both hourly rates and salary are to be negotiated during review process.

  • The individual selected for this position will report directly to Dan Valliquette (Barkley Project Group) and Cliff Hanuse (Wuikinuxv Capital Manager).

To apply, please submit your resume, cover letter, and reference letters or to:

Clifford W. Hanuse, Capital Manager


Fax: (250)-949-7105

or in person to the Band Office.


Friday, September 3, 2021

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