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Newsletter | April Edition | 2021


Table of contents:

Emergency Operations Centre Update Head Start Update Oowekyala Language Project Update

Percy Walkus Hatchery Update Communications Update

Capital Program, Fiscal Year 2020-2021Update

Health Update

I.T. Update

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- Pamela Johnson, EoC Director

Friendly Reminders and Tips:

The Wuikinuxv Nation 14-Day Isolation period is extremely important in keeping our community safe. Especially with increasing numbers of cases and risk of Covid-19 variants.

Here are some important tips to help prevent the spread of Covid-19 and it's variants in our community:

  1. People who are vaccinated ARE NOT exempt from isolation requirements, as we have yet to achieve community immunity

  2. You and anyone in your household are required to ISOLATE and closely monitor for symptoms of Covid-19 for 14 days upon entry into Katit (Wuikinuxv Village)

  3. DO NOT have visitors at your home and do not visit others in their homes while in isolation

  4. DO NOT visit public buildings like the Band Office, stores, or schools. This also means going to get freight from the boats and planes. If you have supplies arrive, please opt for the band van or arrange for someone who is not in isolation to pick up your freight until your isolation period of 14 days is complete

  5. Walks, drives, and boat rides are allowed but do not interact with anyone outside of your household and wear a mask when other people are nearby.

  6. Please continue to always wear a mask/face covering when in contact with people outside of your household and keep 6ft apart

Thank you all for your support and tremendous efforts in preventing Covid-19 and it's variants from entering our community. Please continue to be diligent and take proactive measures to ensure all of your safety.


- Stronger province-wide restrictions -

The PHO (Public Health Officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry) has strengthened province-wide restrictions. These restrictions came into effect March 29 at 11:59 pm and last to May 25 at midnight. They include:

  • The variance allowing indoor religious gatherings and worship services between March 28 and May 13 is suspended

  • Indoor low intensity group exercise classes are cancelled

  • Restaurants, pubs and bars are closed for indoor dining. Outdoor patio seating and take-out or delivery is allowed

  • Workplaces with a COVID-19 exposure may be ordered to close for a minimum of 10 days

In addition to the orders, the PHO strongly recommends:

  • Working from home whenever possible, unless it is essential to be in the workplace

  • Keeping your child home from school if they feel sick or have any sign of illness

  • Getting testing immediately if you or anyone in your family feels sick

- Masks in schools -

All K to 12 staff and all students in grades 4 to 12 are required to wear non-medical masks in all indoor areas, including:

  • At their work stations (desks)

  • On school buses

  • Within and outside learning groups

- Indoor gatherings -

No indoor social gatherings of any size at your residence with anyone other than your household or, if you live alone, your core bubble. For example:

  • Do not invite friends or extended family inside your residence or vacation accommodation

  • Do not host a party or event inside your house

- Outdoor gatherings -

Up to 10 people can gather outdoors. For example:

  • Up to 10 people can gather at a park, beach, or in the backyard of a residence

Do not gather with several groups of new people. Stick to the same people. Continue to use COVID-19 layers of protection and maintain physical distancing. Patios and outdoor areas at restaurants, pubs and bars are not included as places to gather with 10 people at one table.

Under the EPA, an order restricting non-essential travel between certain regions of the province is in place until May 25 at midnight. This includes travel for:

  • Vacations, weekend getaways and tourism activities

  • Visiting family or friends for social reasons

  • Recreation activities

- Travel regions -

The order combines B.C.'s five health authorities into three regions of the province. Travel into and out of the regions for non-essential reasons is not allowed and is now prohibited by law. The regions are:

  1. Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley (Fraser Health and Vancouver Coastal Health)

  2. Northern/Interior (Northern Health and Interior Health, including Bella Coola Valley, the Central Coast and Hope)

  3. Residents from the Hope area can travel to Chilliwack for essential goods and supplies

  4. Residents from the Bella Coola Valley and Central Coast area can travel to Port Hardy for essential goods and supplies

  5. Vancouver Island (Vancouver Island Health)

- Enforcement -

The goal of the order is education and reminding people about travel restrictions.

If the restrictions need to be enforced, police can issue a fine. At the discretion of police, people not obeying the travel restrictions may be subject to a $575 fine.

Police will not be engaging in random checks. Periodic road checks may be set up at key travel corridors during times associated with leisure travel to remind travelers of the order.

People from outside the province who are traveling to B.C. for non-essential reasons can be subject to the same enforcement measures.

- Reasons for essential travel -

Essential travel between regions is allowed. Essential reasons include:

  • Returning to your principal residence, moving or helping someone move

  • Work, both paid and unpaid (volunteer)

  • Commercial transportation of goods

  • Getting health care or social services or helping someone get those services

  • Court appearance, complying with a court order or parole check-in

  • Exercising parental responsibilities

  • Child care services

  • Attending classes at a post-secondary institution or school

  • Responding to a critical incident, like search and rescue operations

  • Providing care to a person because of a psychological, behavioural or health condition, or a physical, cognitive or mental impairment

  • Visiting a resident (as an essential visitor) at long-term care or assisted living facility

  • Attending a funeral

  • Traveling under a PHO variance. For example, BCHL

Do not go on long trips within your region. Now is not the time for overnight vacations away from your community. Stay close to home. Visit your local beach, hiking trail or park.

- Additional measures -

Additional measures are in place to support the restriction on non-essential travel, including:

  • Increased signage on highways and at border crossings reminding travellers of current restrictions

  • Hotels and resorts eliminating or cancelling bookings from out-of-area guests


Wuikinuxv Nation current Travel Ban in effect

- Travel Restrictions -

Travel bans for all non-members. Essential workers will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

- Travel bans regulations -

  • Be a registered Wuikinuxv member

  • Have not travelled outside of Canada in the past month.

  • Show no symptoms of illness. Including but not limited to:

  • Cough

  • Fever

  • Shortness of breath

  • Runny nose

  • Sore throat

  • Agree to self isolate for a minimum of 14 days

  • Be able to provide in writing confirmation that you have secured a place to stay for the duration of your time in the community and throughout a potential quarantine. A minimum of 2 weeks worth.

  • Be able to bring sufficient resources (food, medication, household supplies etc.) to support yourself during your time in the community and throughout a potential quarantine. At least two weeks worth. o Have agreement from the household you will be staying at that should you begin to show symptoms of COVID – 19 they will also quarantine themselves from other community members.

  • Have a history of compliance with past COVID - 19 measures.

We will be working with local transport companies to ensure compliance with these measures prior to booking any travel into the community.

Please continue to wash your hands, practice social distancing, as these practices will have the most significant effect on keeping our community safe in this time.

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- Hope Johnson, "Champion Mom"