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Newsletter | August Edition | 2021

WKO Newsletter August 2021

Table of contents:

Administration Update Treaty Update

Oowekyala Language Project Progress Report

Fisheries Update

Upcoming In-Person Doctor Days

Further Reading [Vancouver Coastal Health]

Job Postings

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- Paul Willie, Tribal Manager

General Meeting schedule details
Nanakilla / Treaty AGA Event Details

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- Alexander Chartrand, Treaty Manager



I am glad to present an update from your Treaty Office that is set out in 2 sections: Treaty Negotiations, and Treaty Administration.


We continue to make in roads on changing Canada’s policy on the loss of the Taxation Exemption, allowing Wuikinuxv to continue not paying taxes on income, goods and services. We continue to work on the new model for funding a self governing Wuikinuxv Nation, including a huge increase in yearly funding and adequate infrastructure to support our government.

We are focusing on a framework for “Waanukv Sockeye”, including the recognition of our right to sell, which will provide a financial contribution to Wuikinuxv economic self sufficiency and to the Katit Community directly. We are also very close to achieving our vision of 100,000 m3 of forestry volume on an annual basis and re-establishing Wuikinuxv governance over forestry in our territory.

Finally for Specific Claims that go hand in hand with Wuikinuxv negotiating Comprehensive Claims, specifically compensation for taking the RIC lands from us for the establishment of the cannery, and for the logging road that was expropriated to move logs from the Wuikinuxv Lake to RIC. We look forward to getting closure on those two important issues.


We now are allowed to work from our Offices, the Wuikinuxv Administration & Treaty Offices, with no one getting COVID-19, and that is good. Katit Community Members all got fully vaccinated, congratulations to all!!

The Nation has a new financial system called Zyntax that the Treaty Office is transitioning to and training on; that is great, pretty good as this will provide greater

accountability for all Department managers and Treaty Manager; thanks to Wuikinuxv Nation Council, and top management for their leadership.

Good news on the Audit Front, as we will be caught up on all previous years audits, this fiscal year - this will allow us to secure our funding and get access to additional sources of funds for say housing construction and even borrowing monies at a lower rate.

I got an invite to join the students for a couple of nights out to Dnlabis (Clam Beach) and see our students enjoy and explore their Territory, maybe next year go up to Qvii (Quay). Thanks to Jordan and all who helped make this a successful trip, gianakaci!!

And a final note and you may have seen Notice for the upcoming Nanakilla/Treaty Assemblies on Zoom, hope to see you all, take care Wuikinuxv!!

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- David Stevenson, Project Manager

We are pleased to let you know that we have been successful in obtaining funding for our work to continue to revive the Oowekyala (’Wùik̓ala) Language for another year.

Terry Reid is the coordinator, he will continue to work to digitize the previously produced language learning materials. George Johnson will continue to record words and phrases in ’Wùik̓ala. He is also working on adding words from the dictionary, a Short Classified Word list, that was created by the linguist, John Rath, back in 1984