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Newsletter | July Edition | 2021


Table of contents:

Capital Program | Lower Bridge Replacement

Upcoming In-Person Doctor Days

Further Reading [Vancouver Coastal Health]

Job Postings

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- Clifford W. Hanuse, Capital Manager


Below is a draft email that will be sent out to professional engineer firms requesting a proposal from them about designing and the construction of the

Lower Bridge replacement.

The main part of this request for proposal email is:

This RFP was developed and is being issued by the Wuikinuxv to select a Consultant to provide professional engineering services for the design and implementation to the replacement of the Katit Indian Reserve No. 1 Lower Bridge (Lower Bridge) within the Wuikinuxv Village. The following items detail, in general terms, the scope of work. Proponents are encouraged to suggest and identify alternate methods and tasks to achieve the Wuikinuxv objectives.

Design of the permanent L100 bridge:

  • With a channel cross-section similar to that of the upstream bridge location

  • Will entail reconstruction of the road approaches to achieve a higher deck elevation and thus a deeper channel

Design of creek channel:

  • For proper sizing and keying in of the rip-rap armouring sized to meet the MoTI Class 500 specification

Design of creek cross-section upstream of the upper bridge:

  • The limits of the surveyed reach should be restored according to the recommended design cross-section, which is similar to the restored cross-section downstream of the lower bridge

  • The design cross-section includes re-establishment of the primary dykes, and the debris basis just upstream of the upper bridge as shown in the Thurber drawings

The three objectives are what is included in a 2012 flood and bridge assessment report (extracts of reports noted). Community members walk on the bridge everyday or ride on it. Sometimes community members are around the lower bridge when there is heavy rain and see what is happening to the creek. Some community members remember how high the bridge used to be before the rocks filled in the creek channel.

The draft email below is a work in progress. What are some of your ideas about replacing the bridge? I will show your answers to the funding agency and see if they will allow it to be included. [Contact Clifford Hanuse Here]

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- April Shea, Practical Nurse

Please send an email to schedule your appointment for doctor days.

Next 2 In-Person Doctor Days

  • Aug 5

  • Aug 19

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E-Bulletin #5 Long-Form Link:

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Departments/Programs/etc with no updates this month:

  • Housing

  • Treaty

  • Finance

  • I.T

  • Head Start

  • Social Development

  • Education

  • Maintenance

  • Stewardship

  • Fisheries

  • C&C

  • Health

  • Emergency Operations Centre

  • Administration

  • Percy Walkus Hatchery

  • Oowekyala Language Project


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Elder Care Worker

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Job Posting - Elder Care Worker
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