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Newsletter | May Edition | 2021

Updated: Jun 28, 2021


Table of contents:

Emergency Operations Centre Update

Health Update Stewardship Update

Central Coast Cumulative Effects Project Update

Percy Walkus Hatchery Update Communications Update

Capital Program Wharf Update

Job Postings

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- Pamela Johnson, "EoC Director"

These are exciting times, like Dr. Bonnie Henry said in the update on Tuesday, the light at the end of the dark tunnel is getting brighter and we all have a great summer to look forward to here in Wuikinuxv Village and all of BC. We know we all want to get us back to normal and we are working hard on a plan that will be implemented soon. So that Wuikinuxv Nation may ease off of on some of our own restrictions.

Here is a friendly reminder for now, that we need to continue taking the precautionary measures and follow the current Wuikinuxv Travel Restrictions. Please be mindful that our children and some others have not been vaccinated and this is why we need to follow these guidelines for their further protection and prevention of transmitting the Covid-19 Virus.

Here is the current Wuikinuxv Nation Travel Ban to follow until it is updated:

  • Travel ban for all non members

  • Essential workers will be assessed on a case by case basis

  • Using the provincial deemed essential service

  • Travel ban regulations

  • Be a registered Wuikinuxv member or permanent resident

  • Have not traveled outside of Canada in the past month.

  • Show no symptoms of illness. Including but not limited to:

  • Cough

  • Fever

  • Shortness of breath

  • Runny nose

  • Sore throat

  • Agree to self isolate for a minimum of 14 days

  • Be able to provide in writing confirmation that you have secured a place to stay for the duration of your time in the community and throughout a potential quarantine. A minimum of 2 weeks worth.

  • Be able to bring sufficient resources (food, medication, household supplies etc.) to support yourself during your time in the community and throughout a potential quarantine. At least two weeks worth.

  • Have agreement from the household you will be staying at that should you begin to show symptoms of COVID-19 they will also quarantine themselves from other community members.

  • Have a history of compliance with past COVID-19 measures.

We will be working with local transport companies to ensure compliance with these measures are followed prior to booking any travel into the community. Please continue to wash your hands, practice social distancing, as these practices will have the most significant effect on keeping our community safe in this time.

Here is an update of the Provincial Public Health Orders BC's Restart:

A plan to bring us back together - Province of British Columbia (

Step 1: Starting May 25, 2021

The criteria for Step 1 is at least 60% of the 18+ population vaccinated with dose 1, along with stable case counts and COVID-19 hospitalizations. Physical distancing and masks continue to be required in public indoor settings If you or anyone in your family feels sick stay home and get tested immediately

Step 2: Earliest start date June 15 The criteria for moving to Step 2 is at least 65% of the 18+ population vaccinated with dose 1, along with declining case counts and COVID-19 hospitalizations. As of May 27, 2021

The province of BC is at 65.8% of the 18+ population vaccinated with dose 1. Also over 500,000 people on Vancouver Island have been vaccinated with declining case counts and Covid-19 hospitalizations. We are definitely back on track for reopening Wuikinuxv Village and this is exciting news!

Full Plan Here:

A plan to bring us back together - Province of British Columbia (

Wuikinuxv COVID-19 Bylaws Are Available to Read & Download HERE

Or go to:

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- Marlou Shaw, "Health Director"

Wuikinuxv Health Report 2021

Hello everyone, I am happy to say we are near the end of this pandemic. We can now see the light at the end of the tunnel. We have not been able to do a lot of the programs due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Home and Community care:

This program's activities this year consist of the elder’s food program, home care, outdoor eldercare, and escorts out for the elders with a permanent escort request. This program is now reaching out for permanent workers, so it is fully functional. We are now budgeting for travel and $30/day for private accommodations. Our priority is to have this program up and running ASAP.

[ Elder Care Job Posting Here ]


We expect for this program to be running in July 1, 2021. We have hired a Champion Mom and an Early Childhood Educator (ECE).

Back to the Lands Program:

This program just had the first camping trip in February. We will be doing 2 Camping trips this summer. Filled with adventures and reconnecting with mother earth and self. One is for the youth and the other is for the adults.

Nursing Program:

We have decided we need 2 registered nurses (RN's) now and are now looking to get this program functional and accustomed to the Community’s needs. This has been an ongoing project. Paul Willie has taken over this program.

Mental Health/Clinician Opiate and Overdose Program:

This has been smoothly running with Lisa Kurytnik coming in consistently and is very well received. We have a harm reduction program that she is in charge of. We are looking now to fill in the position for an Addictions Support Worker coming in 2 weeks out of the month. Position to be filled in ASAP.

[ Addictions Support Worker Job Posting Here ]

JPB Program:

This is also another very well received program and is consistent with a Chiropractor, Occupational Therapist and Physiotherapist coming in regularly.

Mental Health Program:

This program we just had 2 medicine persons come into Wuikinuxv personally in May. They were so well received and we are looking at getting them in again real soon.

Student Program:

Starting this summer July 7th – August 17, 2021. We put in for a summer student program for our youth to do culture, traditional foods and traditional medications. This is equipped for 16 students to attend. They will need to mentor with their relatives. We have a food program set up for where they are staying. It is filled with songs and dances with WA. Camping and hiking and a lot of other exciting stuff. We are looking for a team leader position to be filled. This is a 6-week job posting.

[ Team Leader Job Posting Unavailable at This Time ]

Mental Health Coordinator Position is also available. We have funding for 1 year. They will coordinate all the programs and make sure they happen regularly

Community Health Representative (CHR) Program:

We are going back to shift work and looking for one CHR ASAP. We would like them to train with Level 3, Port McNeill Medical Clinic and Port McNeill Emergency Hospital. This is now advertised and ready to be filled.

[ CHR Job Posting Here ]

Trauma Program:

Grants to be started very soon. We received $258,000 for Trauma. This is a 4-part program available to on/off reserve. It is an amazing program that deals with intense trauma. We have top notch counselors coming into Wuikinuxv to do workshops. This is where the funding comes out for the mental health coordinator.

[ Mental Health Coordinator Job Posting Here ]

This is about all I can think of right now. I am happy to answer any questions. If I have forgotten anything please forgive me.


- Jennifer Anastacio, "Registered Nurse"


My name is Jennifer Anastacio. If you haven’t already heard, I am the newly hired Nurse (RN), here as of last month (April 2021). Also, for those who are not aware, I was the nurse here in Wuikinuxv between 2013-2016. I am so happy to see familiar faces and so excited to meet those of you I have not yet met.

I would love to chat and discuss how I can support you to meet your health and wellness needs, or to answer any questions you may have. If you would like to simply come in to say hello, I would love to see you!

I am usually in the community two weeks every month. Please feel free to schedule a visit with me at the Health Centre, or a home visit if you prefer. You will be able to see my schedule posted every month at the Health Centre.

I look forward to seeing you all.


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- Andra Forney, "Stewardship Director"

Summer is around the corner, and here at the Stewardship Office we are all busy working on projects out on the territory. This month the Guardians are monitoring the bears. This is our seventh year of luring bears to leave us some of the fur on the barbed wire traps. Our Fisheries department is busy with salmon projects. The Fisheries Technicians are taking care of the last of the hatchery fish as they get ready to head out to sea. Meanwhile, our Fisheries Manager is making sure all of the gear is ready for the many salmon monitoring programs that will start in June and last until the

frost returns. With so much work to do it is a good thing the days are long and the sun is warm.

What projects or activities are going to keep you busy this summer?Berry picking? Fishing for prawns?Canning salmon? Smoking salmon? Cooking salmon on an open fire?

Upcoming Meetings

Tuesdays – Fisheries Working Group Meetings

(watch Facebook or get i