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Thank You To Those Who Participated In House Zoom Meetings!


Hàilhamas, Nùmaskas, ‘Ugvalas, and Zìxsiwalis:

We want to thank those who participated in the Zoom meetings last week to review the Treaty AGA Family House reports and add your comments!

We look forward to presenting the information shared in the 2021 AGA Report.

We are working on getting answers to your questions and will be drafting a communications plan for community discussion in the coming months.

We need PHOTOS to finalize the AGA Report!

Please email photos of the following AGA speakers

to by Friday, February 11th.

Lena Collins

George Johnson

Crystal Matilpi

Andrew Johnson

Danielle Shaw

Gloria Walkus-Brotchie

Cerelina Willie

Alexander Chartrand

Georgina Hanuse

Cliff W. Hanuse

Teresa Horbach

Tina Hanuse

Jennifer Walkus

Ted Walkus

Terry Reid

Paul Willie

Fill out the SURVEY so we can count who wants a printed AGA report!


The W’ui’kinuxv Treaty Team

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