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Anana duxva - Steve Deichmann
Jun 03, 2021
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I want to tell you how I miss my second home. I miss the people in the village and the beautiful land that I used to live in. My short stay in your home embedded Wuikinuxv into my life and thoughts. I see parts of you every day. In my school I can look around my room and see a carving by Rick Shaw and I see his beautiful home and remember the happy times I shared sitting in his living room sharing stories with friends. I see Mike Edmonds’ mask and tell my students that the hair of the Tsunukwa is that of the artist; Mike cut his hair and used it in the mask he made for me. The drawings he made are framed and decorate my classroom as well. Fug and Honey’s home and Patrick and Stephanie’s were places I could always go and be with friends. I remember so many wonderful times shared in so many of your homes and with wonderful people that have given me lifelong memories. I see Charlie, Yvonne, Lucy, Craig, Brandon, Joel, Kelly, Robert, Craig, Lenny, Daphne, and Candice who I remember everyday as I look at the picture of my first class of children. Since that year I have taught more than 400 children and remember this first class of mine more than any other. I tell stories of Wuikinuxv wherever I go and to everyone I meet showing them pictures of your wonderful land and the people I knew who lived there. Thank you for being part of my life, Anana duxva
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Anana duxva - Steve Deichmann

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