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Wuikinuxv is currently negotiating a treaty with 

BC and Canada and has been in the BCTC treaty 

making process since 1993. The goal is to create

socio-economic certainty, as well as recognition

of Wuikinuxv Rights and Title, creating a quality

of life that is consistent with Wuikinuxv

traditional values and beliefs and responsibilities

around stewardship and to exercise Wuikinuxv's inherent right to Self-Government. We are also working to develop capacity and bring benefits to the community during the negotiation process.  
Wuikinuxv overwhelmingly voted in favor of the Agreement-in-Principle in 2015. Since then, Wuikinuxv has been working to develop a comprehensive treaty package for community consideration. Funding for negotiations is provided by way of grant, and the Nation is not taking on loans - all past loans have been forgiven.  
The negotiations include self-government, ownership of lands, governance throughout the Territory, comprehensive fiscal arrangements with Canada, fisheries, and protected areas. Wuikinuxv is also negotiating incremental agreements to provide benefits for the community and build capacity that will benefit the Nation in advance of the treaty and once a treaty is eventually completed.





Statement of Intent 

SOI Map 


Openness Protocol 

Framework Agreement 

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