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Chief and Council contact information 

Chief Councillor
Dannielle Shaw 
Telephone extension:

 Wuikinuxv Band Councillor
Miranda Hanuse May
Telephone: 250 532 5079

Wuikinuxv Band Councillor 
Jennifer Walkus
Telephone extension: 102



Bizima Nicolas 
Council Executive assistant 

Telephone extension: 101


Report From Councilor Miranda May 

It’s been 2 months since I was sworn into council and I am so very honored to be in this
position working for our Nation. I was provided the Health and Education Portfolios. I am
excited to work with you all and look forward to what our future holds!
I would love to hear from you my contact info is: and my phone
number is 250-532-5079.
Health Committee News: I wanted to give an update on the exciting developments in
the health committee. They have been ramping up their efforts by doing a lot of hiring to
strengthen the team. I have been supporting the committee by being apart of their hiring
team and together we’ve have done interviews for Health Activities Coordinator, two
Daycare workers, a Health Assistant and an Income Assistance Worker. It was a busy
week! They are still looking for a Cultural Coordinator/ Leader, Youth Leader, Garden
Champion, Youth Program Coordinator and are waiting for more interest in the Income
Assistance Worker before hiring. Get your resumes in!
One of the Health Departments key tasks lately is writing a comprehensive terms of
references for Health programs and services. This will help streamline the operations,
set clear goals and ensure that the Health Department is providing the best possible
care to our people.
I've sat in on some introduction meetings with FNHA, and I'm eager to collaborate with
them to enhance our relationship. I aim to facilitate mutual understanding, ensuring they
comprehend how they can better support us.
I strongly believe that the women leading the Health Department are deeply committed
to listening to the desires and requirements of our communities. They strive to create a
culturally enriched and healthier future for all of us.

Education News:
Transitioning from a colonial education system to our culturally diverse school system
marks a pivotal moment in our educational journey. The concept initially went through
the Education Committee in the middle of last year before being presented to the 2023
Nanakila and our Elders, where it received unanimous support. Subsequently, it was
approved by the Chief and Council, with official paperwork finalized on March 6, 2024.
Although there have been concerns about the transition, I have been actively involved in
supporting the process by participating in the hiring committee, where we have
interviewed potential teachers. I've been encouraged by the quality of candidates we've
met so far. Recognizing the urgency to plan the curriculum, the committee and
community members have embarked on weekly meetings to collaboratively develop a

culturally enriched curriculum. With the dedication of our people and the education
committee, I am confident that we can achieve anything we set our minds to.

In conclusion, as I reflect on my first two months in council and our progress in the
Health and Education portfolios, I am deeply honored and committed to serving our
Nation. I invite continued collaboration and input from all community members as we
work together to build a brighter future. Please feel free to reach out to me with any
ideas or concerns at or 250-532-5079.

Please see the statement below from Chief and Council regarding the posts and comments made by Constable Adrian Robinson.

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