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Wuikinuxv Health Station Staff & Contact Information

Health Program Coordinator 
Jennifer Anastacia
Telephone extension:    301

Community Health Representative
Schedule & Contact Information

Community Health Representative (CHR)
Jeremy Hansen 
Telephone extension:  302
Direct line: 
250 949 5334
VHF channel 12 for emergencies 

Collin Reid: June 22 2024
Jeremy Hansen: June 22 to July 06 2024
Collin Reid: July 06 2024 to 20 2024 

Health Resources

Port McNeill Medical Clinic: (250)-956-3377

Dr. Armogam

June trips into Wuikinuxv: June 20 2024 & July 04,2024

811: Calling 811 will connect you with a Registered Nurse

24 hours a day 7 days a week. They can answer questions or

concerns, as well as refer you on to appropriate resources.

Doctor of the Day:

Calling 1-(855)-344-3800 will connect

you with a medical office assistant who will assist in booking

you a physician appointment either via phone or video call.

Krista Walkus
Health Administrative Assistant

Health Director 
Cerelina Willie 
Telephone extension:

I am Cerelina Willie, daughter of "late" William (Dickie) &  Elizabeth (Betty) Humchitt (nee Thompson).  I was born and raised in Bella Bella and moved to Katit (Wuikinuxv Village) in September 2012. I am blessed to have been involved in both of my parents' home communities.

My husband is Stephen Willie and our boys are Kaelan Moon, Alec Willie (lil Willie), Hema Willie and Xanius Willie.  I have 20+ years experience in Administration, I learned from my co-workers, peers, supervisors, Directors and through trial and error.  I have a certificate in business management and education in Aboriginal Leadership.  I continue to grow and learn by reading health related documents and participating in the Health Caucus where I advocate for you. 
I have big love for my People and Community, you all mean the world to me and it is my pleasure to support everyone through the Wuikinuxv Health Department.  I also look forward to continuing my support of the community, children, youth, adults and elders by on-going community engagement and offering programs and services as requested and needed.
My passion for health has grown so much over the years and my love for the People encourages me to support everyone from a client based approach.  Wuikinuxv Health will host community engagement, community meetings and always welcome input.  

We want to host programs and activities that the People want to receive.  We will accept your input and build a Wuikinuxv Health Plan, detailed budget and annual workplan. 
I'd like to thank everyone for a warm welcome back to the community, it's wonderful to be home, and let the work begin!

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