Wuikinuxv Nation is located in the remote area of the Central Coast of British Columbia. 

  A peaceful, scenic territory and some of the best fishing in the world have created a highly desirable vacation destination spot for locals and tourists alike. 

  Transportation to Wuikinuxv Nation is only available by float plane and water taxi. 
  Transportation providers which travel to Wuikinuxv are as follows: 



Wilderness Seaplanes
(Pacific Coastal Airlines)
Port Hardy Office: (250)-949-6353
Toll-Free: 1-(800)-343-5963

Air Cab Charters
Coal Harbour Office: (250)-949-6371


Speed Limit within Village: 15km/hr
Speed Limit on Backroad: 25km/hr


Please be aware of pedestrians, children playing, off-leash pets, and wildlife




Channel 6: General Chat

Channel 8: A less public General Chat

Channel 12: Health Emergencies



Techno Lodge

  Wuikinuxv offers temporary accommodations available for

visitors, tourists, contractors, etc. 

  The Techno Lodge is a non-smoking building that

features 6 rooms, each of which share a common 2 door

bathroom which locks on both sides for privacy.
  Guests share a common living room with satellite, cable, a

common kitchen and laundry. However, guests are encouraged

to bring in their own groceries and toiletries as there is not

currently a restaurant in Wuikinuxv.

  To make a reservation in the Techno Lodge, 
contact the Administration Office at (250)-949-8625

or at


Cranky's Cabin

  Don't let the name fool you! This quaint bed and breakfast offers an excellent menu with a mixture of traditional and modern meals, a high standard of cleanliness and your host, Valerie Shaw provides quality service. 

  Located in a modest 3 bedroom home along the main road in Wuikinuxv, there is 2 queen size beds and 1 King size bed available, each in their own room. Satellite TV is available in the living room. Long distance telephone is also available. 

  All meals are made from scratch; any special requests and/or dietary restrictions can be accommodated. Please let your host know when booking. 

  For reservations, please contact Valerie Shaw at (250)-949-7625 or


Located in a large home along the Wanukv River, which can accommodate 3 people comfortably. TV is available in all the rooms.

The bed and breakfast boasts a breathtaking view along-side two friendly dogs for company.

The menu leans heavily towards traditional foods such as sea-foods.

If there are any allergies please let Frank know when making any reservations.

There are occasionally excursions available.

Debit, MasterCard and Cash are all cheerfully accepted.

For reservations, please contact Frank Johnson at (250)-949-8492 or




Louisa's Shoppe

  Louisa's Shoppe is at the east end of the village, located on the ground floor of 760 Paxsta Rd.

  This community store provides all kinds of groceries, snacks, pop, frozen foods, basic household items, cigarettes, and more.

Store Hours:
Monday - Friday: 11 am to 6 pm
Saturday: 11 am to 4pm
Sunday: Closed

Store hours are subject to change.

Payment Methods:

Debit, Cash

For More Information, Contact:
Cherlyn Walkus - (250)-949-8914

Eagles Nest Store

  The Eagles Nest store is at the west end of the village by the wharf, located in the basement of 230 Wanukv Rd.

  This community store provides snack food items and pop.  

Store Hours:
Open daily until 11 pm.
Store hours are subject to change.

Payment Methods:
Debit, MasterCard, Cash

For More Information, Contact:
Frank & Alvina Johnson - (250)-949-8492


The Wilderness Seaplanes scheduled flights will land at either the RIC dock or at the Wuikinuxv airstrip. 

The Wuikinuxv Nation provides a pick-up/drop-off service to all passengers for a small administrative fee. 

These passenger pick-ups are automatic for Wilderness Seaplanes scheduled flight passengers. 
If you have made other arrangements to get to and/or from the plane, 
please let the Administration Reception aware. 

If you are traveling to Wuikinuxv on a charter plane or boat and require pick-up/drop-off services, please contact the Administration Office Reception at: (250)-949-8625 or

Gas, diesel and/or propane can be purchased at the Administration Office Front Desk.

Fuel is available in the following increments:

25L - $32.50
50L - $65.00
100L - $130.00
200L - $260.00
500L - $650.00

DIESEL: Current Industry Prices
PROPANE: Current Industry Prices

Prices subject to change at any given time.

If you require large amounts of fuel, please let the Administration Office Reception know as soon as possible so we can ensure the required amounts are available.


Pre-payment may be necessary for large fuel orders.


Incoming mail is delivered to the Administration Office every Wednesday. 

Outgoing Mail is sent to the Port Hardy Post Office from the Admin. Office every Friday.

Mail must be brought to the Administration Office Front Desk before 10am Friday morning.

Please send Urgent items by regular mail not Priority Post or Courier.
The post office is in Port Hardy, an hour away by plane. Those signature pickups are scheduled less frequently than regular mail.