Who We Are

We are the people of the Wuikinuxv Nation. Traditionally we were one of the largest nations on the West Coast. Historical disease, conflict and transfer of members to areas with services unavailable due to location have lead to the decrease in band membership. The membership list is numbered in the hundreds. 
There are an uncounted number of people who still consider themselves to be Wuikinuxv, but who either do not have “status “ as defined by the Indian act, or who are members of other bands.
In the present day there is a mixture of community centred and individual gathering practices. There is still a focus on gathering for the community where some of the resources are concerned. At other times the individual families will gather for the family and sometimes for just the family unit. Both individuals and families still work together to harvest and preserve the traditional resources for their families.

In 2011 the Wuikinuxv Nation collaborated with the UBC Museum of Anthropology Sourcebook to produce a 37 page sourcebook entitled "We Are The Wuikinuxv Nation". The sourcebook was written by Pam Brown, MOA Curator, Pacific Northwest.

Click here to download (5MB).

Front cover of "We Are The Wuikinuxv Nation".

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