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Newsletter | June Edition | 2021


Table of contents:

Administration Update

Fuel Price Update Emergency Operations Centre Update Capital Program Update

Wuikinuxv Bear Research Project Press Release

Oowekyala Language Project Progress Update

Learn the Language

Percy Walkus Hatchery Update

Upcoming In-Person Doctor Days

Further Reading [Vancouver Coastal Health]

Job Postings

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- Paul Willie, "Tribal Manager"


Keeping the Community safe and functional due to the Covid-19 pandemic

This update establishes guidelines and procedures for the Restart/Reopening plan for Wuikinuxv Administration. This requires changes to work environment, roles, and responsibilities in assuring that the community remains safe in the face of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

1. This Restart/reopening is in compliance with the Provincial Health Guidelines and Protocols. We are in Step 2 of the BC plan and anticipate to move into Step 3 come July 1 2021

[BC Opening Plan]

a. Latest and adjusted BC Health guidelines policies and protocols can be found on the BC Government Websites [BCCDC Covid-19 Info] [BC Covid-19 Restrictions]

b. Since the Covid-19 Health Protocols are legislated, they become part of the BC Employment Act and become part of the criteria for employment with Wuikinuxv Nation. So non-compliance by personnel will be subject to disciplinary procedures to the full extent of the law

c. The community of Wuikinuxv has received 2 doses of vaccines. The level of vaccination is one of the indicators for moving through the reopening plan for the province

2. Workplace and office spaces Covid-19 Safety plan still in effect

a. Plexiglass partitions have been installed at 2 reception areas

i. Administration bottom floor reception area

ii. Treaty office reception area

iii. Still to be installed-Administration top floor reception area

b. Employees required to do daily self-assessment for Covid-19 symptoms

c. Use of Administration Boardroom for Community Meetings

i. Will be limited to 10 people practicing Social Distancing and wearing masks in public

d. Use of Treaty Office Boardroom for Community Meetings

i. Will be limited to 10 people practicing Social Distancing and wearing mask in public

e. For community meetings for 10 or more people, the Administration and Treaty Board rooms can be linked via Internet

3. Virtual Meetings via Google/Zoom

a. To facilitate further safety precautions, all community meetings will continue to have a Virtual linkage

b. For Community meetings for 20 plus, additional attendees can be hooked in by virtual meeting setup, i.e. Zoom

4. Facility Access

a. Administration Office

i. Administration Office doors will generally be locked

ii. Community members needing to access services outside of administration will arrange such visits via phone or VHF

iii. Staff members will either have their own keys or be let in by receptionist

iv. Mail

1. Mail-out: same as ii above

2. Mail-in: Once sorted, will be placed in separate envelop and announced over VHF when they are ready to be picked up

v. Doctor Day

1. Appointments to see the doctor will be booked in advance and a scheduled time to go for the appointment will be given to the patient

b. Treaty Office

i. Treaty Office doors will generally be locked